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The G.A.A. Co. Cork Hurling Championship Final - Sunday April 29th 1888

Ballygarvan v Tower Street The final tie in the County Cork Hurling Championship for this season was brought to issue in the Park yesterday afternoon in the presence of one of the largest crowds ever seen in the same place, there being on the lowest computation not less than ten thousand persons present to witness on whose brow the bays of victory in hurldom would rest. Of the many teams that crossed camans in the county this season undoubtedly the pick of the lot were left to fight for first honours, and it would be difficult to put into the field two finer or smarter teams at the than the brace that for an hour yesterday made the Park resound with the music of the timber - namely Tower Street and Ballygarvan. The most sanguine supporters of either side did not anticipate an easy victory, the boldest champion of his choice expecting to see a stubbornly contested match all through, with one arm of scales only slightly depressed at the finish. But it was so when it came to running up a score. Tower Street never played so well before, as they did not hold their opponents cheaply, and the result was that the wearers of the red and white worked together like so many wheels, in an elaborate machine - fly wheels, we should say - without a hitch or mistake almost; while although half a dozen Ballygarvan men did some marvelous work, they were not at all so well together as a team, with the result to put it shortly, they "were not in it" with Tower Street. The latter piled goal after goal in the most clever manner, Cullinane scoring two in succession in the first half of the game; and at the finish Tower Street won, with any amount to spare, by four goals and a point to a single point for their opponents. Tower Street are thus winners of the County Championship, and in their present winning form ought to render a good account of themselves against any team in Munster. The match was played in the most friendly spirit throughout, and the only thing in the nature of injury sustained was a slight abrasion on the leg of a Ballygarvan player. Mr. M. Deering refereed the game in the most efficient manner. Details:- Tower Street v Ballygarvan Ballygarvan won the toss and played down the field with a good breeze in their favour. For the first few minutes very little execution was done, and then Ballygarvan invaded Tower Street territory, but only some side play resulted. Tower St. then got behind the leather, and it was passed up in beautiful style, but it just grased the point post on the wrong side. When the ball came into play again, Tower St. nursed it for some time, still working up towards the goal posts and then one of those "well directed" strokes that Tower St. delight in, landed in between the posts, thus scoring the first goal (and a well made one) in the match. Again in motion, the puck out being bad, and Tower St. once more got behind the ball, and scored the second goal (notwithstanding Stantons brilliant defense) inside fifteen minutes from the commencement of the match. Ballygarvan now got an opening, and the leather went down the filed at express speed, but it was well diverted to the side by the Tower St. cul baire, and then for some time it remained in neutral ground, no further score being made until half-time was called. When play was resumed Ballygarvan forced the pace and swept the leather up near the goal line, but they failed to score, and then Tower St. getting behind the ball passed it down and made another goal in the easiest fashion. Some good play ensued in the centre of the ground, and then Ballygarvan made a fine charge, which resulted in a point being scored. After a short delay during which a substitute was found for a Ballygarvan man who got a slight injury to one of his legs, the ball was again set in motion, an without much resistance Tower St. added another goal and a point to their score. Some side play followed, and then Tower St. tried for another goal, but the good thing did not come off. From this to the call of time, there was some really beautiful play on both sides, but it was scoreless, however, and when Mr. Deering whistled "Time Up"; Tower St. had won in the most decisive fashion the Cork Co. Hurling Championship by the tall score of four goals and one point to one point for Ballygarvan, the result being hailed with a wild outburst of cheering from the legions of admirers and followers of the Tower Street team. Ballygarvan team comprised:- Timothy Stanton, captain; John Sheehan, vice-capt; Patrick Sheehan, John Russell, John J. Russell, Patrick Cronin, James O'Brien, Richard Dineen, Patrick Forde, Timothy Forde, Redmond Walsh, Denis O'Brien, Daniel O'Leary, John Collins, Michael Collins, John Fehilly, John Drinan, Tom Murphy, Mike Twomey, Michael M. Murphy, Michael Murphy (Big). Field Umpire - James Bowen. Goal Umpires - Richard Kenefick and Charles Murphy. Tower Street team: - Wm. Gleeson, captain; Cors. Roynane, vice-capt; Ml. Murphy, Jas. Daly, Jas. Delay, James O'Connell, Jas. Barrett, Jas. Keegan, John Donovan, John Crowley, John Cullinane, Ml. Cassilly, Wm. Connor, Denis Bradley, Tim McCarthy, John Gleeson, Stephen Hegarty, Stephen Donovan, Denis Halloran, Ml. Donovan, John Kenealy. Field Umpire - E. Cogan. Goal Umpires - P. Crowley and Patk. Murphy.


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